Our team bonding programs are tailored to fit the needs of your organization. The programs and activities provide the opportunity to develop skills utilizing the environment around us as the medium. Each program challenges participants to go beyond their perceived limits to increase awareness of their potential. The desired outcome of these activities will be that participants not only increase their self-confidence they will also enhance their interpersonal and communication skills, assuming leadership roles and taking initiative in problem-solving situations.

Photos of the yacht (click to enlarge)


Get Knotted

Royal Albatross games

This is a fun game for participants in which team bonding, strategy and team activity is encouraged. Played between 5 to 10 participants, multiple teams compete for supremacy as they tie a knot which has to be opened by the competing teams in the shortest period of time.

Utilizing communication, team play and leadership skills and at the same time having fun. The activity is fun yet brings out the essence of team work and coordination.

String Me Along

Royal Albatross games

On ships we use ropes for many purposes, have you ever wondered what it will be like to scribble with a pen using a piece of rope. This fun filled activity is played between 4 to 5 members per team where a team has to control a pen using strings to scribble a challenge on a piece of paper, the team which finishes first wins the challenge. The activity uses team work to the fullest as no member of the team can complete the goal alone and need coordination and planning to achieve the goal.

Bucket Challenge

Royal Albatross bucket challenge

This activity is the most engaging activity on the Yacht, teams in groups of 5 to 10 pax are given challenging props and the task is to transport a pale of water over a certain distance of the Yacht without the water dripping on the floor. Teams participation is encouraged throughout the game as the team members rush to complete the goals before the competing teams, the activity is lot of fun and involves some low to mid level physical activity.



$168++PER PAX
  • Usage of the Ship for 3 Hours Dockside (Non Sailing)
  • 1 Welcome Mocktail
  • 3 Organised Team Bonding Activities
  • International Buffet Menu
  • 4 Glasses of Soft Drinks/Juices
  • (Minimum Booking 30 Pax)