• We require the full name and IC or passport number of everyone.
  • Separate groups of 5 pax each are required to wear color coded bracelets to differentiate the different groups.
  • Each sub group of 5 pax must be separate and distinct.
  • They are required to wear mask at all times except while swimming and during consumption of food and drinks.
  • Different groups are not allowed to swim at the same time.
  • Different groups must be minimum 1 meter apart.
  • Members of the different groups are not allowed to intermingle.
  • Different groups are not allowed to eat together.
  • No BBQ is allowed, only pre-packed sandwiches or lunch boxes are allowed.
  • Self-service buffet lines, live music, radio broadcasts and all forms of television/video screenings and other forms of entertainment such as dancing, darts or karaoke are not allowed on board. Recorded music may be played only as soft background music, not exceeding 60 decibels.
  • The captain and crew are SDOs. If instructions are breached there will only be 1 reminder.
    If the customers are still not cooperative, photos will be taken and MPA will be called in to deal with offenders and the charter will end.
    Even when the yacht is on the way back if instructions are breached, relevant enforcement agencies will be called in to access for further action.