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Length: 45 ft
Cabins: 4 (3 open to guests)
Bathrooms: 2
Maximum guests: 28
Pick-up: One 15 Marina Club, Sentosa Cove

This 45-footer takes its name from the iconic and beloved Singapore cat Maximum.

Twin hulls create a much more spacious space for lounging onboard for guests and minimize rocking motion and greater stability. Perfect for guests who are prone to seasickness and young guests.

Kucinta is equipped with a kitchenette and audio-visual amenities, including a Bluetooth-enabled entertainment system and a Touchscreen karaoke system.

  • Spacious Flybridge (able to accommodate 15 to 20pax)
  • Huge Saloon with PanoramicWindows
  • Full Karaoke System
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen & BBQ Grille

Rates (table can be swiped left on mobile)

Details | 27 pax4 HoursAdditional hour
Weekday (Monday – Thursday)$2,000+$250+ per hour
Weekend (Friday – Sunday)$2,250+$250+ per hour
  • Weekend rate on PH that falls on a weekday
  • Additional 20% surcharge on the weekend rate will be charged for PH that falls on a weekend
  • Corkage fee: waived
  • Self-cater fee: waived
  • City Skyline Cruise: Included
  • BBQ pit rental and cooking service: $170
  • Water Slide: $60